Minimum Eddy Current Loses

Maximum Efficiency

Smooth Flying Experience

Better throttle control and smoother fly

Linear throttle response

Minimum Eddy Current Loses

Comprehensive consideration of motor electromagnetic design, air gap flux density, cogging torque design, etc.

Less energy lost

Minimize current, Achieve max motor efficiency

Hollow steel shaft with good heat/hardening treatment

Passed heavy hit test!

Cooler temperature after flying than other high end motors

Good motor electromagnetic & mechanical structure design to get min eddy current loss, MAD motor stay cooler after flying.

Solid design and build quality
Tight motor tolerance

Customs Motor Design for FPV

Tailor-made solution for your specific demand and application

What People Are Saying?

woo hoo!! the motors arrived today!!! and wow!! they look superb! very high machining quality! very neat winding! you guys must have good tooling! good balancing too.
they feel very nice too! motors weigh in at 30g give or take depending on lead length. After test, they stay cool. esc’s got warm. PDB/FC motof3 board got HOT!!
16v on 6 inch tri blades these motors pull a claimed 2000g+…. it certainly feels like it with only about a 3 second burst (if that) at full throttle achievable as this thing gets away from you quick! straight up punches were about a second or less. and left the quad hanging for a very long time 🙂

Walter Gillmore

Continue abusive testing with MAD 2306 2750 Kv Yesterday! Set flown by Daniel Roberts crashed high speed from a power loop dive into 4 inch steel post,Hollow shaft stayed straight! Even with a big flat spot in the bell the magnets are still held on and haven’t dislodged! We love this Awesome motor!

Walter Gillmore

Breaking MAD in the V3 prototype motors, f**king smooth as silk

Gary Godwin, Boosnip FPV