MAD M Series Motors

For High End Heavy Lift Commercial & Industrial Use
High Efficiency, high level of water & dust resistant
Reliable, powerful

M Series Motors

M series motors are the flagship motors specially designed for large-scale multi-rotor, electric paraglider, large agricultural VTOL, UAV. Used for aerial photography, mapping, electrical paragliding, agricultural spraying, surveying or anything in between where professional industry level propulsion systems are required. This type of motor is made with industrial grade components and undergo intense testing and quality control

MAD Components brings a variety of heavy lift brushless uav motors, lightweight, efficient & powerful. Offers reliable propulsion support for various industrial and commercial applications with large payload, high efficiency and reliability.
M series motors can carry heavy payloads from quality aerial photography rigs to manned drones. Largest M50 motor draws thrust up to 91kg.
Designed for rigorous conditions. High level of water & dust resistant.