AMPX ESC 40A (5-14S)

//AMPX ESC 40A (5-14S)

AMPX ESC 40A (5-14S)


SKU: MAD AMPX 40A HV Drone Motor Controller (5-14S)
  • High Voltage Drone Motor Controller (Supporting 5-14S) with improved throttle response
  • Excellent compatibility with high pole type motors like MAD motors.
  • Quick response, only need 0.25 sec from starting motor to full speed running
  • Good compatibility and stability with special control algorithm for different motors, like MAD motors.
  • Synchronous freewheeling technology bringing better throttle linearity, driving efficiency and automatic energy
    recovery when lowering motor speed.
  • Output interfaces of RPM and error signal
  • Excellent drone motor controller with IP67 waterproof & dustproof, and anti-corrosion shell
  • Convenient installation on frame, either on front side or back side.
MAD AMPX esc for quadcopter40A ESC HV 60V 5-14S drone motor controller

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