FLUXER Ultralight CF Prop 26×7.8in

//FLUXER Ultralight CF Prop 26×7.8in

FLUXER Ultralight CF Prop 26×7.8in


SKU: FLUXER Ultralight CF 24X7.2in low noise drone propeller
  • Ultra lightweight, optimized moment of inertia, super fast responsive speed
  • Maximum rigidity and optimized lightweight
  • Well dynamic balanced and almost zero vibration.
  • Larger propeller pitch designed for faster throttle response and burst power
  • Optimized airfoil design to get high performance and efficiency for endurance flight.

FLUXER Ultralight CF prop 26X7.8in – high quality ultralight carbon fiber low noise drone propeller with matt treatment, only weighs 50g.

low noise drone propeller

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