FLUXER VTOL Prop 16.1×6.4in


FLUXER VTOL Prop 16.1×6.4in


SKU: FLUXER VTOL Prop 16.1x6.4in
  • Integrated structure design, higher intensity
  • Optimized VTOL prop profile, smaller prop surface, less air resistance during cruise.
  • Larger prop pitch, draw more thrust. Faster response and starting up
  • Increased strength of prop installation positions, higher durability and much safer.
  • Best combination with MAD brushless motors

FLUXER VTOL Prop 16.1×6.4in , made of high quality ultralight carbon fiber, specially designed for VTOL unmanned aircrafts. The overall efficiency and thrust are all increased comparing with props designed for multirotors.

FLUXER VTOL Series are designed for VTOL UAV by increasing the pitch & root strength of the propeller. Optimized propeller shape to reduce wind resistance when navigation, so the maximum thrust of FLUXER-VTOL series propellers is increased by 10% and efficiency increased by 2% compared with Fluxer pro propellers. Maximize the response speed and suitable for multirotor drones, vertical take-off and landing drones.

VTOL Prop ParamaterVTOL Prop Paramater

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