HAVOC Folding Prop 18×5.7in

//HAVOC Folding Prop 18×5.7in

HAVOC Folding Prop 18×5.7in


SKU: HAVOC Drone Folding Prop 18x5.7in
  • Ultralight weight and solid
  • Powerful and high efficiency drone folding prop
  • Easy to fold and spread
  • Mounting holes position is suitable for most of the motors in the market
  • Superior dynamic balanced
  • Best matching with MAD motors, getting best thrust and efficiency

HAVOC 18×5.7in

HAVOC drone folding prop is made of composit
carbon fiber and engineering plastic, ultralight and solid.

Upward wingtip design, reduce airflow interference, so less vibration and noise, efficiency highly increased.

Optimized moment of inertia, more sensitive responsive reaction

Designed for Endurance Flight

Best matching with:MAD5008 KV300 motor/Flying weight 4.5kg quadcopter/22Ah battery/Hovering time 55-60mins.

* Great for rescue, mapping, routing inspection, Aerial photography etc.

Propeller Lock Mechanism
Designed and proved to ensure safety flight

HAVOC Drone Folding Prop 18x5.7in

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