MAD 4014 IPE

//MAD 4014 IPE

MAD 4014 IPE


SKU: MAD4014 IPE Drone Electricle Drones Brushless Motor

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL EDITION for  maintaining the highest possible performance.

  • Propeller installation compatibility.
  • Reduced motor weight.
  • Motor mounting holes standarization.

KV Option:

370KV 400KV

MAD4014 IPE Drone Electric Motor for the aerial photography, mapping drones

MAD 4014 Industry Professional Edition is designed to carry payloads of 1kg-1.5kg per rotor.with fluxer 15*5in,16*5.4in,17* 4-6S.

IP35 Protection Level & Built-in Fan Design

  • Airy case design, passive heat dissipation
  • IP35 water & dust resistance
  • Lower power consumption & Maximized performance


  • Designed for 4-6S voltage
  • Increased torque

Propeller installation compatibility

multiple propeller mounting options

4 x M3 Ø12 mm

Motor setup compatibility

  • Mounting holes standardization

3 x M2.2 Ø32mm
4 x M3 Ø25 mm



MAD 4014 IPE drawing


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