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SKU: MAD4014 IPE Quadcopter Motor

MAD 40 Series motors are the classical UAV motors for small to medium industrial use, efficient and for endurance flight. These sizes of motors have been releasing in the market for 10years, MAD Components optimized them to be very lightweight design.

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL EDITION for  maintaining the highest possible performance.

  • Propeller installation compatibility.
  • Reduced motor weight.
  • Motor mounting holes standarization.

KV Option:

370KV 400KV

MAD4014 IPE Drone Electric Motor for the aerial photography, mapping drones

MAD 4014 Industry Professional Edition is designed to carry payloads of 1kg-1.5kg per rotor.with fluxer 15*5in,16*5.4in,17* 4-6S.

IP35 Protection Level & Built-in Fan Design

  • Airy case design, passive heat dissipation
  • IP35 water & dust resistance
  • Lower power consumption & Maximized performance


  • Designed for 4-6S voltage
  • Increased torque

Propeller installation compatibility

multiple propeller mounting options

4 x M3 Ø12 mm

Motor setup compatibility

  • Mounting holes standardization

3 x M2.2 Ø32mm
4 x M3 Ø25 mm

parameter 4014-IPE

quadcopter Motor

quadcopter Motor quadcopter Motor quadcopter Motor quadcopter Motor

4014 IPE parts list

Milling Processing of MAD Components 8108 Quadcopter Motors

Lathe Machining MAD Components 50XX Drone Motor

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