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SKU: MAD8116 EEE Drone Motor Brushless

8108 motor is the most classical product among UAV motors. MAD8108 EEE is one of the most efficient motors among them, and the most widely used motors for UAV of high-end aerial photography, exploration, Archaeology, Remote sensing surveying, Mapping etc. Endurance flight time varies from 30-120mins.
MAD8112, 8116 & 8118 are upgraded versions based on MAD8108 this efficient motor, pulling larger powerful thrust by increasing stator height. And also widely used on many multirotor applications.

  • Open body design for better passive heat dissipation.
  • Propeller installation compatibility.
  • Reduced motor weight.
  • Motor mounting holes standarization.

KV Option:


MAD8116 EEE Drone Motor Brushless

ENTHUSIASTS EXTREME EDITION for extreme weight reduction while maintaining the highest possible performance.

MAD8116 EEE Drone Motor Brushless


  • Airy case design
  • Passive heat dissapation
  • Lower power consumption & Maximized performance


  • Designed for 12S voltage
  • Increased torque

Propeller installation compatibility

multiple propeller mounting options

4x M3 Ø20mm

MAD8116 EEE Drone Motor Brushless

Motor setup compatibility

  • Mounting holes standardization

4*M3 Ø50mm
4*M3 Ø30mm
4*M4 Ø32mm

8116 Drone Motor Brushless 8116-EEE-V1.0 drawing

8116 Drone Motor Brushless 8116 Drone Motor Brushless8116 Drone Motor Brushless

Milling Processing of MAD Components 8108 Quadcopter Motors

Lathe Machining MAD Components 50XX Drone Motor

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