MAD Antimatter M6 C12 IPE

//MAD Antimatter M6 C12 IPE

MAD Antimatter M6 C12 IPE


SKU: MAD Antimatter M6C12 IPE Drone Motor-1pc-1box-1


  • Designed for rigorous conditions
  • Over-sized durable bearings for increased life, durability
  • Water and dust resistant. IP35 degree of protection
  • Motor mounting holes standarization

KV Option:

150KV 170KV 280KV 400KV

MAD Antimatter M6C12 IPE Drone Motor

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL EDITON for INDUSTRY TASK. it only add 12g compared with EEE version.

Antimatter motors are defined as not “ordinary” motors in this field. We are proud to release Antimatter series motor at the end of 2019:M6C06 ,M6C08,M6C10,M6C12. We spent one years to prove and make true which motors are best efficient with 21-24” prop. This is the magic from MAD components in Poland brings to the table.

It is for unmanned Vehicle Aerial system (UAS, UAV, RPAS or drone).


  • Airy case design
  • Passive heat dissapation
  • Lower power consumption & Maximized performance


  • Designed for 6-12S voltage
  • Increased torque

Propeller installation compatibility

multiple propeller mounting options

4 x M3 Ø12, 4 x m3 Ø18 mm,4xm3 Ø22 mm

Motor setup compatibility

  • Mounting holes standardization

4 x M4 Ø30 mm
4 x M3 Ø25 mm

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