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SKU: MAD M10 Heavy Lift Quadcopter Motors
  • Very high efficient. Designed for rigorous conditions and endurance flight
  • Max thrust 16.1kg @12S with 34in prop.
  • Over-sized durable bearings for increased life, durability
  • Water and dust resistant. IP35 degree of protection
  • Motor mounting holes standarization

∗M10 was upgraded, check here for details. This old version is no longer in production.

KV Option:

90KV 100KV 150KV 180KV

MAD M10 Heavy Lift Quadcopter Motors

INDUSTRY PRO EDITION UAV motor is designed to achieve waterproof and dustproof IP35 degree of protection. Design compatibility of mounting holes for propeller and setup installation. High performance and low power consumption at high voltage applications.

Designed for 12S voltage

High performance and low power consumption at high voltage applications.

Over-sized durable bearings

  • For increased life, durability
  • withstand the damage while occasionally hard Landing

Designed for rigorous conditions

Water and dust resistant
IP35 degree of protection
Internal fan for active heat dissipation

Motor setup compatibility

  • Mounting holes standardization
  • 4 x M3 Ø30 mm
    4 x M4 Ø32 mm
    4 x M3 Ø50 mm


M10 90KV basic paramaterM10 100KV basic paramaterM10 150KV basic paramater


mad motor m10


M10 90KV benchmarkM10 100KV benchmarkM10 150KV benchmark

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