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SKU: MAD TORQ M40C30 IPE large brushless motor for paramotors paraglider
  • IP35 dust&waterproof protection, unique structure for better safety
  • Unique motor core design, 36N30P confugration
  • Built in centrifugal air cooling system and efficient heat dissipation array design
  • Designed for large 125mm-130cm paramotors and agricultural plant protection and professional grade drones
  • The housing is equipped with large positioning bearings to avoid resonance and gyro effect
  • Oversized pull-to-weight ratio, which is lighter than the same class brand motor under the same pull force
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption of the motor , the rotation is more stable, more resistant to falling

KV Option:




Recommended ESC: MAD AMPX ESC 200A(12-24S)
Recommended propeller: FLUXER PRO 49.2*22 (1250MM)

MAD M40C30 V2.1 TORQ Paramotor Motors

Introducing our TORQ Paramotor Series M40 50KV Brushless Motors light version. Thanks Cedar Anderson from electric paramotoring of Australia, he gave the advice to keep this light version motor to be published. He has been testing different Motor, ESC and propeller combinations. So far the M40C30 V2.1 MAD motor with a 450A ESC using 18S LiPo is the best combination for the price, weight, thrust and efficiency. Using a 125cm propeller it performs nicely, In the configuration it produces 59kg of thrust which is really good for his application. He has performed 10X apron 15 minute flights, and he is really impressed with this motor. It runs nice and cool, it is also quite efficient. Kind reminder for the customer: A clamp or U bolt can be used around aluminium spokes at back of motor for extra security. Welcome to customize motor from us.

The M40 large brushless motor for paramotors paraglider is also designed to handle cargo transportation, emergency rescue and manned space programs, as well as heavy lift projects and industrial applications.

MAD M40 Brushless Motor for Paramotors EPPG

Fast Responsive Throttle
Great linear throttle response design, offering you precise control of your throttle

Powerful • Reliable • Silent


Designed for rigorous conditions

  • Water and dust resistant
  • IP35 degree of protection
  • Internal fan for active heat dissipation

m40 v2 parameter

M40C30 v2 drawing m40 v2 test data m40 v2 parts list

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