Paramotor Propeller 60x20in

//Paramotor Propeller 60x20in

Paramotor Propeller 60x20in


SKU: FLUXER Paramotor Propeller 60x20in
  • This paramotor propeller is very responsive, minimize overall weight
  • Very strong=100%  high-strength carbon fiber material
  • very quiet = scimitar profiles=exceptional performances
  • Mounting holes are suitable for most  motors and engine in the market
  • With good performance and excellent dynamic balance
  • With the MAD M50C35 paramotor brushless motor magnetic circuit design, the power system has great advantages in both tension and force


FLUXER 60x20in is a high-quality carbon fiber electric paramotor propeller, shine polishing surface treatment. Longer service life. Flight time is longer under the condition of same load. Well dynamic balanced.

  • Very responsive, lightweight electric paraglider e-prop
  • 100% carbon and leading edge protection, very strong & durable
  • Optimized scimitar profiles with exceptional performances, very quiet
FLUXER paramotor propeller 60X20paramotor prop

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