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Series Of Cell

NO. Series Item Design Architecture Voltage Range Rated Voltage  Energy Density Discharge Rate Charge Rate Cycle Life  Temperature Of Use Remarks
1 A High Energy Density Positive Electrode(811)+Negative Electrode(SiC,15%Si) 4.3V~2.7V 3.7V 290~315 5C~10C ≤1C 600(1C)  -40℃~55℃ Semi-solid batteries, with high energy density, high multiplier performance and high safety, are designed for various types of drones
2 A+ Super High Energy Density Positive Electrode(955)+Negative Electrode(SiC,20%Si) 4.3V~2.7V 3.7V 305~330 3C~5C ≤1C 500(1C)  -40℃~55℃ Semi-solid battery, with higher energy density, is suitable for light-load multi-rotor drones and fixed-wing drones
3 B High Discharge Rate Positive Electrode(LiCoO₂)+Negative Electrode(C) 4.2V~3.0V 3.85V 215~220 15C~50C ≤4C 500(5C)  -20℃~55℃ High-speed drone dedicated high discharge rate battery, high current discharge temperature is lower
4 B+ High Discharge Rate & High Energy Density Positive Electrode(622)+Negative Electrode(SiC,10%Si) 4.3V~2.75V 3.7V 220~235 15C~20C ≤4C 500(5C)  -40℃~55℃ Both high discharge rate and high energy density, specially developed for medium and large E-VTOL requirements
5 C Lithium Metal Cathode Positive Electrode(955)+Negative Electrode(Li) 4.3V~3.0V 3.8V 380~550 2C~4C ≤0.2C <100(1C) -20℃~55℃ Ultra-high energy density, suitable for some special application scenarios
6 D All-Solid Battery Positive Electrode(955)+Negative Electrode(SiC,20%Si) 4.3V~2.7V 3.7V 290~315 ≤2C ≤1C 500(0.5C)  -20℃~55℃ High energy density and ultra-high safety features, suitable for special military fields
1.Each series of cells supports the customization of different capacities;
2.Support for different models of battery pack requirements for customization.
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