Reliable Brushless Motor Manufacturer and Designer

Dedicated to making good motor

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Knowledgeable R&D Team

With proper mechanical technical manufacture and metallurgical knowledge, they have been involved in rc model and drone industry since 2009, they know how to design good motor according to customers’ demands and expectations.

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Design Simulation

To accomplish your goal shortly, many computing simulation passes to achieve best theoretical solution, then start sample production, which helps bring your idea to reality in short and professional way.

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High Quality Craftmanship

Focus on every production detail, from design, raw materials choosing, precise CNC machining, product assembly to QC test before shipment. All these meets the highest quality standards of precision and flexibility of production.

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As an experienced brushless motor manufacturer and designer, MAD aim to provide multirotor manufacturers high responsive and tailor-made service, which can help them save R & D time and cost.

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MAD Config – built to tell you how to choose configuration for your multirotor propulsion system. Simply compare and analyze main factors for different brand brushless motors.

Maximum Efficiency . Minimum Eddy Current Loses .  Smooth Flying Experience

EEE motors – For paramotor, high-end aerial photography, crusing, survey drones,etc.

IPE motors – For agriculture, exploration, archaeology, remote sensing surveying, mapping UAVs, etc.


Integrated propulsion system arm set, ready to use, designed for industrial multirotor applications

  • Tunned integrated motor+esc+propeller
  • Compatible with 22mm carbon arm tubes
  • One plug installation, super convenient
  • High Efficient, water & dust proof

VTOL Fixed-wing Motors

VTOL Fixed-wing Motors - Designed for fixed wing, VTOLs. Powerful, responsive and smooth throttle response, reliable  

M Motors

M series motors are the flagship motors specially designed for large-scale multi-rotor, electric paraglider, large agricultural VTOL. Used for aerial photography, mapping, electrical paragliding, agricultural spraying, surveying or anything in between where professional industry level propulsion systems are required. This type of motor is made with industrial grade components and undergo intense testing and quality control.


Our brand ANTIMATTER motors are defined as not “ordinary” in the multi-rotor motors field. We are proud to release ANTIMATTER series motors (M6C06, M6C08, M6C10, M6C12) at the end of 2019. We spent one year to design and prove which drone motors are the most efficient with 21-24in props. This is the magic! MAD Components in Poland brings to the table.

Agriculture Motors

Agriculture Motors are designed for agriculture applications, withstanding rigorous environment. High load, high efficient, reliable and long lifespan, IP35 water & dust resistant. MAD8318 Max thrust 17.5kg, using prop 28-32in. MAD6215 Max thrust 9kg, using prop 22in. They’re widely used in agriculture drone, very cost-effective.

81 Motors

81 Motors  8108 motor is the most classical product among UAV motors. MAD8108 EEE is the most efficient motor among them, and the most widely used motors for UAV of high-end aerial photography, exploration, Archaeology, Remote sensing surveying, Mapping etc. Endurance flight time varies from 30-120mins. MAD8112, 8116 & 8118 are upgraded versions based on MAD8108 this efficient motor, pulling larger powerful thrust by increasing stator height. And also widely used on many multirotor applications.

50 Motors

MAD 50 series high efficient drone motors. Customs stators. 24N28P, the most efficient motors. Arc magnets. Very good motor electromagnetic design. Max thrust 9kg, using prop 15-22in. Designed for endurance flight. Ultra lightweight design.

40 Motors

40 Motors - High efficient, lightweight and reliable, designed for light load endurance flight.

35 Motors

MAD 35 series high efficient quad motor, designed for rotor payload 400g-2300g, using 12in-16in prop, for endurance flight. Ultra lightweight design.

FPV Motors


Paragliding Motor

Paragliding Motor - Designed for electric powered paraglider and paramotoring. Our paragliding motors feature ultralight, high-efficiency, fast responsive throttle, stable and silent. They are high efficiency brushless motors for electric powered paragliding EPPG. Offering reliable power and safety, cost-effective comparing with gasoline engine.


New Released! Upgraded New Generation Ultralight CF Prop, CB2 – Light as “O2”. BECAUSE CARBON+O2

  • High quality efficient carbon fiber ultralight drone propeller – CB2
  • Designed for endurance flight, prop weight reduced by 20%-30%, flight time far extended
  • Thrust increased by 3-7%. Efficiency increased by 2-6%.
  • Almost zero vibration. Every propeller was balanced 3 times during production

Ultralight CF PROPS

Ultralight CF PROPS Ultra lightweight, optimized moment of inertia, super fast responsive speed. Maximum rigidity and optimized lightweight. Well dynamic balanced and almost zero vibration. Larger propeller pitch designed for faster throttle response and burst power. Optimized airfoil design to get high performance and efficiency for endurance flight.


FLUXER MATT PRO SERIES - Premium efficient carbon fiber propellers with matt finish.  Fabricated from uni-directional and bi-directional carbon fiber prepreg with blasa wood core.  Super fast responsive speed. Maximum rigidity and optimized lightweight


Fluxer paramotor E-PROPs are designed for paramotors, paratrikes, paragliders. Responsive, minimized overall weight. Strong, efficient and silent. 


FLUXER SHINE PRO SERIES - High quality efficient carbon fiber drone prop with shine treatment. Well dynamic balanced and almost zero vibration. Optimized airfoil design to get high performance and efficiency for endurance flight.


FLUXER VTOL Props are designed for VTOL Multicopters, Multirotors, Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters, Aerial Robots plus larger unmanned helicopters and cargo aircraft. VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) unmanned aircraft (UAV, UAS, RPAS, drones). FLUXER VTOL Series are designed for VTOL UAV by increasing the pitch & root strength of the propeller. Optimized propeller shape to reduce wind resistance when navigation, so the maximum thrust is increased by 10% and efficiency increased by 2% compared with Fluxer pro propellers. Maximize the response speed and suitable for multirotor drones, vertical take-off and landing drones.

HAVOC Composit Folding Prop

HAVOC Composit Folding Prop - made of composit carbon fiber and engineering plastic, ultralight and solid. Cost-effective prices.  Upward wingtip design, reduce airflow interference, so less vibration and noise, efficiency highly increased. Easy to fold and spread. Great for rescue, mapping, routing inspection, Aerial photography etc.


FLUXER CF Folding PROPS - was specifically developed for high performance and endurance flight. Premium carbon fiber folding drone propellers. Solid under high loads. Special wingtip design helping to reduce vortices. Low noise. Optimized airfoil design, low interference by airflow. Well dynamic balanced. Propeller Lock Mechanism, designed and proved to ensure safety flight.


FLUXER MATT SERIES - Standard carbon fiber propellers. Efficient and in cost-effective prices. Great for agriculture applications 

Gimbal Motors

Mainly do ODM and OEM for different applications. Just let us know your demand.


Excellent compantibility. Imporved throttle response. Designed for drones